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Review – ‘Tension’ Brand Ukulele

Posted by Ian on March 14, 2008

So, yesterday was my birthday… and I ended up with a late present from my dad today. Some strange off brand ‘Tension Brand’ Soprano…. he came across it in some store that he wouldn’t tell me about… so I”ll work on that. I know that it cost him less than $40, and it is well worth the price.

The thing is put together beautifully (it’s of German make… why wouldn’t it?) and sounds great… much better than I would have expected. It has 17 frets, joined at the 12th, and is a lot nicer on my concert-ukulele trained hands than other sopranos that I have played on before.

It has a nice, low action, and has surprisingly good intonation.

My only complaint is that the thing came with a plectrum… what sort of madman German would give me a plastic plectrum with a ukulele? Shame on them…

Anyhow, here’s a little recording of me goofing around on her…


One Response to “Review – ‘Tension’ Brand Ukulele”

  1. Woodshed said

    Happy birthday, Ian.

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