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Posted by Ian on April 8, 2008

So… I just checked my site’s stats today… and found out that, though I had only posted once in a week (stupid ants….), I had a steady amount of people checking my site… around 20 individuals per day.

I thank all of the 20+ of you who visit my site regularly… it means a lot to me to know that I have a steady group of people who enjoy and appreciate my work, and that motivates me to try to take my sight a bar or so higher….

However, regretfully, for the next three weeks, I will probably be posting less often than usual, as I am having to devote two hours of my time each day to a driver’s education course… fun fun fun.

So I will try to get posts out, but they will probably be fewer, far between, and of lesser quality than usual.

So, in the meantime, I suggest that, if you haven’t been visiting my blog from the beginning, you go take a look at my ‘tabs’ section. There is a ton of materiel there that you may find interesting.


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Ukulele Power Chords

Posted by Ian on April 5, 2008

Power Chords on the Ukulele

Something that most every rock guitarist has an understanding of is Power Chords. Power chords are merely a root note with a

second note that is a 5th above it…. they are not really chords in the traditional sense (a chord is a combination of three or

more notes).

Power chords can have various uses on the uke… whether it be playing a song that has them in it or substituting a major chord

for one to achieve a different sound.

There are many ways to finger a power chord on the uke, and I shall explain a couple.

For starters, here are two basic ways of fingering a simple two note power chord….


A common variation on power chords is the adding of a note an octave above the root….


Another common variation comes from inverting the notes in the power chord….


And there are other variations and ways of fingering the chords that you will be able to figure out with a little bit of experimentation… so have fun!

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