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To start things out… a little about myself, and this site. I’m a 14 year old ukulele addict living in the good ol’ USA. this site is my attempt to give back to the ukulele world oout on the web that has essentially taught me all that I haven’t taught myself, which happens to be quite a bit. That and the fact that I just like getting my word out to the world…
Now, for any of you poor souls who somehow stumbled across this site and has never played a ukulele, here’s what I have to tell you. Play one. It’s as simple as that. Either find a friend who plays and ask them to show you around on the uke (and trust me, most any uke player I know would be delighted to take you up on that offer), go up to a local guitar store and ask to see a uke and strum around on it, or buy yourself a cheap uke from a reputable dealer. I can guarantee that, unless you’re holding some sort of grudge against the world of ukuleles (as one of my friends is… he rather bugs me at times….) oh well, you’ll love it. Here’s a few good things about ukuleles that I can think of right now…

  • They’re easy to play basic stuff on
  • They’re capable of playing complicated music on
  • They’re portable
  • They’re beautiful sounding
  • They’re are a whole lot less uke players than guitarists out there; a mediocre guitarist has a mob of thousands like him to put their shadow over him, while a mediocre uke player is generally seen as a novelty; there aren’t a whole lot of us, and we usually don’t try to shadow eachother out….
  • You can get a quality uke for a small amount of money.
  • They’re almost guarnateed to bring smiles from the faces of anyone over the age of 20 who sees you playing
  • They’re easy on the fingers (no steel strings!)
  • They’re amazing

3 Responses to “About”

  1. VVN!! said


    you’re not 14.. not anymore.

  2. chuck said

    I found a ton of great information here. I like to build Cigar box guitars. They are typically 24″ scale ,usually 4 steel string and play surprisingly well. I’m not an accomplished guitarist. There’s not a lot of instruction for 4 string guitars. Tenor guitar is the old name. However ,there is a ton of information on ukulele out there. So I tune my instruments GCEA or GCEg or Open D ,you get the picture. I tried the DGBe and found it to be a tad tight.
    Check out cigar box nation to see examples of what I’m talking about. I also have built amps and stomp boxes. Thanks for the great site. I shall return. Chuck

  3. Hello .. Just passing the word about the new uke CHORD CHANGER attachment. It was developed for a gal with a broken wrist, but it is now in the hands of youngsters and even Seniors with stiff fingers and they all love it. Chord Changer has 8 chord buttons (yes!) Just press any button and strum. Comes with a uke songbook of 82 selections from many countries, in slightly larger print, and spiralbound..a new treasury of fun and memorable songs. Website is: Tell your friends about us.

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