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Posted by Ian on January 22, 2012

It seems like this has become a bit of a trend — making a post every once in a while, trying to convince myself that I will begin posting again…

The way I figure, if I actually want to get back in the swing of things, I might as well actually post something and see if it gets me to post again. So, without any further adieu:

In the many years since I have made any sort of useful blog post, I have fully fleshed out a song I started writing a while ago. Anyways, here’s a video of it being performed by my (late) band, Clean Slate:

And, for your enjoyment, here’s a tab for the opening bit:

(it’s a PDF)

And then the lyrics, should you want to know anything besides the opening bit.

Verse 1
Thoughts never thought,
And dreams, never dreamnt.
Words never spoken,
The things we forget.
A smile never smiled,
A frown, turned around.
The things you’ve lost forever,
The things you’ll never know.
You get up,
You go out,
You live your life.
Not knowing,
What could be,
Or what was right…
Of all the things you’ve ever done,
How many went through.
Of all the words you’ve ever said,
Which ones came from you?
Verse 2
And, as we go on,
What stays the same?
A couple of friends,
well, who’s to blame?
The times they keep on changing,
Changing all you’ve known.
What was true, gone forever,
You’re all alone.
Chorus 2
Of all the things you’ve ever done,
How many went through.
Of all the words you’ve ever said,
Which ones came from you?
Verse 3
So now you think,
What can you do.
‘Got nothing left,
Not even a clue.
You know you,
Must do something.
Escape this low.
You’ve got to,
Rise above this.
Let spirit show.
Chorus 3
So why don’t you just get up,
Go on and live your life.
No more of this turning back,
Go on and make it right.

Now, from the video, you should be able to figure out the verses (they are the last couple of lines of the tab, repeated over and over).

The chorus is simply C, F, G, C. Watch the video for the chord changes.


No guarantee as to whether or not I’ll be posting regularly again, but I will try to give you all something to mess around with every once in a while.

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Drifting (for lack of a better name)

Posted by Ian on March 8, 2008

I’ve pretty much finished the piece I was working on… it turned out to only run to about 40 seconds, but it seems pretty much finished. Maybe I could expand the different sections some more, but for now, I’m calling it finished.

I forgot to add a time marking, so just remember that it was written to be played at about 120, though it sounds fine if you play it faster.


I will record an audi example if I have time to do it at some point.


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Soft as a Dove – Yes

Posted by Ian on March 2, 2008

An absolutely beautiful song… fits nicely on the uke.


And sorry that I haven’t been updating for the last week… other things got in the way of my blogging… lousy internet connection… busy week at school… etc, etc. I”m back on the air.

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ZZ Top – La Grange

Posted by Ian on February 15, 2008

ZZ Top’s “La Grange” is full of great variations of its main riff that are, sadly, not all able to be played on the uke.

However, bu sortof meshing a couple of the riffs together, you get a ukeable riff that is definitely recognizable as La Grange: pure Bluesy, Beard Swingin’, Texan noise (and that’s good noise, too, I might add).

You might want to watch this video to gain a better understanding of the ‘Beard Swingin” part.


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Elton John – Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting

Posted by Ian on February 14, 2008

The intro riff to ‘Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting’ by Elton John is, in my opinion, among the best rock guitar riffs of all time.

I have managed to work it out on the uke… almost. It isn’t perfect, but it does a good job of trying to be.



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The Beatles – Day Tripper (Intro)

Posted by Ian on February 13, 2008

Today’s riff is the intro to ‘Day Tripper’ by the Beatles.


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Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman

Posted by Ian on February 12, 2008

Today’s riff is from Roy Orbison’s classic, Oh, Pretty Woman.

Have fun!

There are many variations that you can use when playing. One main variation is replacing the open E string notes with an E on the c string, which is on the fouth fret. This allows you to stay in one position for much of the riff.


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Survivor – Eye of The Tiger

Posted by Ian on February 11, 2008

Following suit of yesterday’s Crazy Train tab, I’ve worked out the intro chords to ‘eye of the tiger’ by Survivor.


…and while you’re at it, be amazed by this video I came across….


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