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Songs that are ‘Made’ for the Ukulele

Posted by Ian on March 3, 2008

So, when listening to songs, I occasionally come across one that just feels like it’s made for the ukulele, and this probably happens to you all, too. Anyhow, here’s a list of some songs that the chord progressions and all fit beautifully on the uke. I’d recommend that, if you want to look one up, you go to ‘chordie’ at for the chords, unless you feel like picking them out on your own.

1)  Moths, by Jethro Tull. I will probably be putting up some form of tab or sheetmusic or something for this song.

2)  Les Champs Élysées, by Joe Dassin, if you can speak at least basic french.

3)  Let it Be, by the Beatles…. and most anything else by the Beatles, come to think of it.

4)  Holy Lamb, by Yes

5)  Wonderous Stories, by Yes

6)  Starman, by David Bowie. Space Oddity is also rather good.

7)  Hotel California, by the Eagles

8) Daniel, by Elton John

9)  Without Question, also by Elton John

10) Daydream Believer, by the Monkees

And that’s it for today. Happy ukein’

4 Responses to “Songs that are ‘Made’ for the Ukulele”

  1. […] Uke Thingy lists 10 songs made for the ukulele. […]

  2. Rayan said

    I really feel like ‘Something’ by the Beatles truly was made for the uke. I love how it sounds! In fact, a lot of Beatles songs sound good on the uke.

  3. rob levine said

    so…where might one find the Uke tabs for Wonderous Stories…..?

    Seriously….post a link and help a fella out!

  4. dedicated web hosting uk…

    […]Songs that are ‘Made’ for the Ukulele « UkeThingy[…]…

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