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Gone For Weekend

Posted by Ian on February 21, 2008

Sorry about the wy things have been going slowly, lately… I’ve been really busy up at school, and haven’t had much time to put into this. However, my internet is back up, now, so that’s good.

And I”m letting you all know in advance that there won’t be an update this weekend until possibly late Sunday; I’m going camping (bringing a uke with me), and it’s a tad hard to blog in the middle of nowhere…

And, just a little thing to think about: we always say ‘a ukulele’, but wouldn’t it be grammatically correct to say ‘an ukulele’?

…just sounds horrible, doesn’t it?

2 Responses to “Gone For Weekend”

  1. Jacob Walker said

    It would of course depend on how you are pronouncing ukulele. If you are saying “oo-koo-lay-lay”, which is more accurate but less common, then you would indeed have to precede ukulele with “an” (though with this pronunciation it sounds just fine with “an”). If you are instead using the more common “yoo-kuh-lay-lee”, then you should in fact precede with “a”, as the initial “yoo” sound begins with a vowel sound. It’s not about spelling, it’s about pronunciation.

  2. Ian said

    Ah, hadn’t thought of that. Good point.

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