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Posted by Ian on January 23, 2008

There are many different types of muting when dealing with instruments. From palm muting on a guitar or bass to putting a mute on a cello or viola to pressing down the mute pedal on a piano, to ‘muting’ the strings on a ukulele after you strum them.

I’ll be teaching you about the latter.

When strumming a ukulele, it is always nice to add variety to your strums… whether merely in the pattern of your strumming or something more fun like a roll. Another thing you can do to add variety to your sound is muting the strings after you strum them. Essentially, what you do is simply strum the strings then set your palm across the strings to stop them from vibrating. The only problem that may arise from only doing this is that you may end up with somewhat of a percussive slap from hitting the front of your uke. You can solve this by strumming in a somewhat unconventional way… drawing your thumb across the strings with your palm hovering over the strings. This way, when you slap your hand down, it doesn’t make as much of a ‘thump’.


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