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Stuff, Stuff… and Stuff

Posted by Ian on January 21, 2008

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a few days… I’ve been really busy up at school with end of semester stuff and whatnot… but now I’m on break, so I should be able to put a good chunk of time into this site! Yippee! This is my first non-tab related post… I don’t have anything completely ready for posting, yet, tab-wise, though I do have some random stuff for you all….

First off, I have a somewhat neat little technique that I really recommend you try if you haven’t already. For lack of a better name for it, I will call it a ‘Fake Slap’, as the sound you achieve when performind the technique somewhat resembles that of a slap bass. Essentially, what you do is, instead of using one finger to pick a string, you pinch the string between your thumb and finger of your choice (I recommend that you use thumb and index finger, though thumb and middle finger works fine, too) and pull the string away from the fingerboard. When you release the string, you will hear somewhat of a percussive snap accompanying the note, giving it a unique tone. You can also pluck two or three (and maybe four, though I can’t pull it off, yet) strings by pinching additional strings between index finger and middle, middle and ring, etc.

Secondly, in case you have been looking for a hard case to keep your beloved ukulele protected…. there’s some no-name brand one that I bought off of ebay and was rather surprised by. It costs about half of what it would cost you to buy one from any other store (that I know of) and is surprisingly well made, for a cheap ebay product. It has a nice leather outside, a somewhat cheap, yet durable, plastic handle, sturdy construction, and a niftly little inside compartment which can hold a pretty good amount of stuff (I can fit a harmonica and a glass slide in it with some room to spare…. speaking of which, if you have never tried playing a ukulele with a glass slide, you need to. Nylon strings with a slide sound rather neat… maybe I’ll make a psot about that later).

Here’s the link: Link

It’ll run you around 40 dollars… well worth the price if you have a nice uke that isn’t already protected.

And I think that’s going to be all for today…. thanks a ton for visiting my site… and thanks even more if you made it this far through my rambling!

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