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Posted by Ian on January 21, 2008

The EleUke came in friday… it’s currently sunday morning, and I’ve probably logged a good (unhealthy?) 7 or 8 hours on the thing so far. Yes, it’s that addicting (as if the ukulele already wasn’t addicting enough). The model I bought was the TCH-100 PHS… something like that…. Anyhow, it has a beautiful sound… sounds almost as nice as my koa when hooked up to an amp and put on a nice ‘clean’ signal. Of course, it’s when you start playing with the sound that things get fun…. with enough stompboxes… or a digital effect box, you can make as many sounds come out of it as you can an electric guitar…. except it’s a ukulele, making it at least ten times better than an electric guitar. It has great volume, considering that it’s a pezio pickup with nylon strings, as opposed to stell strings, as some electric ukuleles use. Its built in headphone jack comes in handy for silent practice, too….

It was well worth my 200 dollars.

5 Responses to “Eleuke”

  1. ukeSoup said

    Hi there,

    What kind of amp can you play these eleuke’s with?



  2. Ian said

    It works fine with most any type of amp I’ve tried it with… I have used it with my guitar amp (a 25 watt Washburn), my Bass amp (a 90 watt behringer, though ti wasn’t al too great… ukes are just too high for the bass amp), and various powered speakers, such as ones taht are used with computers.

    Basically, if you can plug it into it, it’ll work.

  3. ukeSoup said

    hi – thanks for the reply – the eleuke sounds like something I must have.

  4. roberto said

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